In 2010, Ukraine launched a series of vital reforms that had been delayed for years. Legislative initiatives adopted in late 2010 were important initial steps towards enhancing the well-being of ordinary Ukrainians. International practice shows that the smooth implementation of economic reforms requires combined efforts on the part of government, business and civil society.

The Ukraine Economic Reform Fund is an international non-government, non-profit organization. The Fund’s activity focuses on supporting projects aimed at successful implementation of economic reforms and stabilization of the national economy. The Fund attracts world-class consultants and experts in order to ensure high-quality advice which will help the authorities to develop and successfully implement a series of economic reforms, integrate the experience of reforms in other countries and pave the way for continuous economic growth.

The Fund involves experts whose intelligence, experience and dedicated work will build momentum to drive the economic reforms forward and will facilitate the development of national economy. The Fund’s consultants and experts cooperate closely with the government authorities as those define the priorities, substance and implementation strategy of economic reforms.

Integration of Ukraine into the international markets would be an important step that will play a significant role in the scale and sustainability of Ukraine’s economic success. Also, Ukraine’s economic growth depends on the country’s attractiveness for international business and tourists. The Fund will sponsor projects aimed at improving Ukraine’s image abroad.

The Fund is the result of a private initiative and is not supported by any political party. Contributions to the Fund have come from private businesses across Ukraine.